Travel Show “Be There” Campaign
This campaign answered the question, “Why go to the Travel Show when everything is online?” It reminded consumers in evocative images and language that travel planning through websites alone is no match for the firsthand experience of having access to hundreds of  travel industry experts all under one roof. Tag line: EXPLORE. DISCOVER. GO.

Travel Show Website

Social Media | Designed skins and posts 

Email Blasts

Travel Show Premium and Online Campaign | Online campaign generated 5.9 million impressions. Units included Interstitials as well as static and animated cubes and leaderboards. In addition to house ads, they also ran in sites such as KCET, LA Weekly, Pandora and PBS SoCal.

Travel Show Social Media Contest | The Los Angeles Times ran a user generated contest as part of the integrated campaign to promote the 2014 Travel Show.

Travel Show Print Ads | In-paper print ads to promote the 2014 Travel Show.